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The ubiquity of vintage fashion in ready-to-wear is no exception in the world of leather. Quite the contrary! The old models of former days are reinvented with more contemporary lines, to offer us models more or less retro, but perfectly recorded in current trends.
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This fashion is also imposed in men's bags. If the latter was once primarily functional, designers now offer very masculine versions today, in a spirit chic and city that perfectly combine the practicality aspect with the simple pleasure to enrich your look without concede nothing to their manhood.

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About various bags

Reporter bag / Business bag / Briefcase
In addition to their functional aspects, bags postpone have now become chic accessories. Practice with their storage space, they may contain documents, tablets or laptops, they are usually quite simple to adapt to the working life, at the same time, they become more original with modern lines or colored liners , which contrasts sharply with the austere old versions.
There are even models with more feminine design with large handles and more graceful and less strict lines.
Travel Bags
Strength, volume and style may well combine to offer us sustainable, practical and elegant models. The choice will be first compared to its capacity. In the recent years, there has been an explosion of such bags "weekend" (or "48hrs"), less bulky and easier to transport for short trips lasting 2 to 3 days, they also have the advantage of melting easily in your working life.
Shoulder bag
Very appreciated by the men, it is a good way to carry all your business in a way that is both discreet and stylish. The designers have dusted off old models for provide us with the modern versions that will bring a touch of masculinity to your outfit. Ideal for everyday use, it is often sufficient to carry your personal belongings, phones, keys, checkbook wallets. She can be wear by hand, shoulder or cross with its adjustable shoulder strap.
Wallets for Men
Essential accessory for everyday use, portfolios often have a classic look, but with different finishes from one model to another. The quality and functional aspects are in fact the essential criteria to choose well. Customize your choice to your needs, especially if you wish to tidy up your driving license or identity card.
Wallets for women
It's often your handbag’s best friend. Essential to store your personal belongings, it is usually very generous size with plenty of storage space and locations. Chic, Vintage or trend, sometimes colorful, it can adapt to many looks and become a daily accessory which will accompany you during several years.

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