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Fall-Winter 2023-2024 trends

In the dynamic and constantly evolving world of fashion, certain trends stand out, reflecting both our history and our future.

The nostalgia for a certain elegance in the face of a technological and immersive future

Digital fashion, with its digital universes and 3D textures, immerses us in a technological and immersive future. Simultaneously, the strong comeback of the 1950s trends recalls a post-war era marked by refined elegance. In terms of shades, the timeless nuances of beige and grey have imposed themselves as the colors of the moment, embodying sobriety, comfort, and balance.

Digital Fashion


Digital fashion merges technology and aesthetics, reflecting the current digital era. Influenced by the internet, virtual reality, and 3D, this trend offers an immersive experience where clothes come to life in virtual universes.

Fashion becomes an extension of our digital identity

Synthetic materials dominate, evoking the digital world: iridescent effects reminiscent of holograms, futuristic transparency, and vinyl bursts. Black predominates as a base, contrasted by bold neon shades evoking the light of screens. Geometric patterns, inspired by 3D modeling, add an extra dimension to these creations.


Beige Tone


Evoking comfort, warmth, light, and refinement, beige offers an atmosphere that is both warm and sophisticated. Designers play with its versatility, mixing materials and textures to create harmonious ensembles.

Timeless tint, beige makes a strong comeback in current fashion, embodying sobriety, elegance, and modernity

Ranging from chocolate brown to camel, the versatility of beige also lies in its ability to enhance various materials. Leather, wools, suede, or felt, beige textures add discreet sophistication to headwear and perfectly match any style.

In summary, beige, far from being monotonous, is a pillar of contemporary elegance, adaptable to all occasions, and remains a chic choice in the fashion landscape.



The 1950s


The fashion of the 1950s, marked by the post-war period, symbolizes a renewal and a return to elegance. In millinery, the beret, the fedora hat, or the cloche fit in perfectly.

In a retro atmosphere, women adopt cinched silhouettes and clean lines, with dresses emphasizing the waist and corolla skirts. The trench coat becomes a staple, while the masculine/feminine style emerges with suits and ties worn by women. Natural materials, such as leather, wool, silk, and chiffon, dominate this decade.

Elegance meets self-assertion, combining heritage and innovation to create a timeless style

The color palette is both sober and intense. Black and white, eternal opposites, play on contrasts, sometimes in a total look, sometimes in a graphic duo. But the essential of this era is undoubtedly bright red. Whether it's a scarlet dress, a flamboyant lipstick, or a chiffon scarf, this red is the symbol of boldness and passion.



Shades of Grey


Grey, often qualified as a neutral color, has established itself as an essential pillar of contemporary fashion. Synonymous with sobriety and relaxed elegance, its strength lies in its ability to come in various shades, from the coldest to the warmest, which harmonize beautifully with each other.

A perfect compromise between formal and casual, allowing for elegant outfits without being stiff.

The choice of materials enriches its expressiveness: leather gives it an urban edge, wool ensures warmth and style, while cashmere and velvet bring luxurious softness. The addition of feather details offers a touch of eccentricity. Each shade of grey emphasizes the silhouette and structure of the pieces, rather than bright colors, thus highlighting the importance of line in tailoring. In short, grey is a statement of timeless elegance and subtle modernity.

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