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Cleaning your cloth hat or cap.

Independently of the type of headwear, never clean them with a washing machine, hand washing only! In cases where you have doubts,  we recommend you to bring it to the laundry.

- Small blot:: For a small blot, use  a brush and Marseille soap, or baby wipes. 

- Linen cloth: Avoid using chlorinated detergents, fibres would tend to spoil and yellow. Prefer Marseille soap!

Cotton cloth or polyester: Use trichloroethylene (usually used on pullovers) or another similar dry cleaner.
Beware: do not rub strongly from right to left: you could risk to spread it. Instead, use a cloth to dab it. Leave to dry and watch out: if an aureole appears, delicately clean it with water and soap. Leave to dry. 

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