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The best 5 reasons to wear hat

Wearing a textile web, a beanie or a hat on your head, is almost as old as the world itself. The headgear was even one of the main social markers just a few decades ago.

In order to protect your ears from the cold, shelter from the wind or give a little more character to your outfit, the headgear has more than one trick up its sleeve! Styles are various and numerous. Over time and following the fashion trend, they didn't stop changing.

Just note that it is nowadays particularly trendy to accessorize your outfit with a headdress.
Fortunately, the choice is limitless to come and feed your inspiration!

What about you? Do you prefer hats, caps or floppy hats?

1 - Gain confidence

Beyond the affirmation of a style, a belonging and a personality, hats and caps are accessories that significantly consolidate one's confidence and bring some charisma.

                                                  ''a very good ally against kind of complexe''

The headgear can also be the ally against some kind of complex. Off the masks, let's take away the hat!

For example, if you think your face is a bit too rounded, we recommend you opt for large-brimmed hats or caps wide enough to slim your face, by contrast.

On the contrary, if your face is rather emaciated, opt for short-brimmed hats such as the trilby (discover here our article about "The trilby: the hat for all seasons") or less wider peak caps.

You are of a short stature, high crowns would come and lengthen your silhouette.

2 - Affirm your identity

Wearing the headgear is synonymous with self-affirmation. In fact, the hat that dresses you reflects your principles, your attitude, your belonging. It is also to affirm you origin, a profession, a movement.

                                            "Everyone's their personality. Everyone's their hat!"


For more classical styles yet looking for elegance, the fedora will fit as a glove.
For cool and sporty allures, the baseball cap will be your ally at chill-out parties with friends or in order to celebrate your team's win.
Last, for those who want to be refined, with a well-affirmed charisma, the floppy hat is the choice by excellence. It is endowed class and character.

3 - On the contrary: Breaking codes, balancing your outfits

On sandals/blouse, jogging/baskets or wearing your ultra elegant suit...whatever your allure, there'll always be a hat to terminate your Outfit Of The Day.

Give some peps to a too much shy outfit with a large-brimmed Traveller, or on the contrary a glamourous touch to a relaxed look by a Trilby or a linen cap.

To revive your allure, do not hesitate in breaking conventional codes. Under the spotlights, the headgear got your back!

4 - Because its handy

You're one of those people who dare not taking out the trash in the street without being perfectly dressed? You don't have neither the courage nor the time to subdue your hair when you just get out of the bed?

The hat will always be able to crown your head successfully and bring you the confidence of big days!

If wearing a hat allows you to adapt your look in a sudden, you could also change the way you put it on: leaned back, the hat will draw attention, on the contrary, it is perfect to go unnoticed when you lower it forward or associate it  with sun glasses.

5 - A well-covered head

In its first intended function, the headdress guarantees a well-protected head! It' no longer a question of going out naked head!

Cap, hat or beanie: they are an excellent protection against the extremes of the climate. Placed on the head, around the ears or on top of the forehead, every headgear has its utility. Against the cold, the rain, the sun, the wind, the quality of its protection depends however on the shape and on the material.


Which headgear chose according to seasons?

The summer: boater, panama, cap...

What would be the summer without the protection of a cap or a hat? We prefer not to even think about it, even for a second!



And without any hesitation, we recommend you opt for a panama-shaped hat, cotton or linen ou the classical but no less elegant straw hat, with the shape of a boater-guinguette.

Do not forget the linen cap which will also fit very well. It will know how to protect you during the height of the summer and to follow you serenely on your every outing.

The winter: beanie, chapka...




When it's cold and the temperatures are low, we recommend you prefer warm and protective materials such as wool and leather. The beanie or the chapka are very good models and true allies to experiment an invincible summer in the middle of the winter! Do not forget the head is the most vulnerable part: don't forget to cover it! Indeed, that's where you release most heat.

"The winter, prefer rather warm and protective materials such as wool and leather (...)"

Rain: waterproof cap and hat

When it's raining, hats are very useful! Of furfelt or of leather, they allow your head to stay dry and available! In "Singing In The Rain" in the 50s, Gene Kelly was already demonstrating this with his perky tap-dance steps in puddles, his hat on his head and with an umbrella in his hands.

The headgear, in a nutshell: joining the pleasant and the useful!

The hat is indispensable to protect your head during the seasons. The wide range of shapes and materials allows you to make of it a fashion and style accessory.

The headgear can dynamize a style, warm a mood and mitigate complexes

In order to avoid a fashion faux pas, do not hesitate in visiting our morpho tips dedicated page.

> Know everything about morpho tips

The hat is indispensable to your wardrobe but it is also a sublime gift idea for all those beloved ones...

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