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Properly choose your cap according to your face shape.

As far as caps are concerned, there is less hassle compared to hats! What you need first is feel well in it and appreciate its color.
As for the shape, no contraindication! Simply a few tips to direct yourself to the category that will best showcase your style.

Generally, a large and puffed-out cap (gavroche, Irish cap) will better fit round or large faces. On the contrary, we will be avoiding the duckbill or the baseball cap that will tend to exagerate the facial feature.

For thin faces, just avoid on the contrary caps that are too much puffed-out in order to prevent the "mushroom" effect. You will prefer a narrow cap (duckbill, hatteras, English cap).

On a square, angular face, you will need to soften the facial features with more rounded shapes such as the duckbilled cap.
Note that you can also bend the cap on a side to "cut" the lines of the face.

As for oval faces, you have the green light, everything is allowwed!

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