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Personal Data

When do we collect your personal data?

Your personal data can be collected when:
  • you create an account on our websites or mobile applications;
  • you visit our websites which may use cookies;
  • you add products to your shopping basket;
  • you buy our products online;
  • you subscribe to our newsletter or alerts;
  • you join our loyalty programme;
  • you request a return;
  • you contact customer service via any form of communication at your disposal, such as email, instant messaging, etc;
  • you take part in a promotional competition;
  • you write a comment or a review about an item;
  • you share a review with a friend by email from an item description page;
  • you share a review on Facebook, Google +, Twitter, Delicious, Instagram, Snapchat or Pinterest from an item description page;
  • you fill out an input form or questionnaire on our websites or mobile applications;

What personal data do we collect?

We collect data that you give us within the context of our business relationship, in particular:
  • when you create a client or prospect account and you join a loyalty programme;
  • while your orders, returns and complaints are being managed;
  • when you contact our customer service;
  • when you take part in a promotional competition.
Cases where data collection is strictly necessary in order to provide you with a service are marked with an asterisk and generally require your surname, name, address, email address, landline or mobile number and date of birth.

We also collect personal data when you buy our products or when you use our services. In particular, we collect data concerning the amount and the nature of your purchases as well as information about your orders, your payments and your customer or prospect path on our online services.

In accordance with this regulation, we do not collect data revealing racial or ethnic origin, political opinions, religious or philosophical beliefs, or trade union membership, genetic personal data, biometric data for the purpose of uniquely identifying a natural person, data concerning health or data concerning a natural person's sex life or sexual orientation.

These categories of personal data are never collected or processed by Bon Clic Bon Genre .


How do we use your data?

We process your personal data in a transparent and secure way. Your personal data is collected for the purposes detailed below.

Managing our obligations to our clients

Managing orders, deliveries and returns

As part of fulfilling our obligations to our clients, we collect and process your personal data in order to manage our business relationship, especially with regards to managing purchases and orders, delivering your products, handling your potential returns and offering services and promotional offers which may be of interest to you. This data helps us to improve your experience of buying online, as referred to below.

Managing the customer relationship/Loyalty programme

We use and store your personal data in order to update our customer files and offer you personalised, tailored services. We offer you the opportunity to join our loyalty programme in order to offer you goods and services which match, as far as possible, your consumption habits and interests.

Communicating with you 

We collect and store your personal data in order to communicate with you about your orders, your payments or your complaints to customer service.

Improving your customer experience

We analyse your personal data in order to improve your customer experience. Unless you object, this analysis enables us to offer you innovative products, additional or promotional offers or display advertisements which match, as far as possible, your consumption habits and interests.

Targeted advertising partners

Bon Clic Bon Genre collects and analyses your data for marketing purposes (profiling), with the help of specialised service providers. In doing so, your data is converted into detailed, pseudonymised profiles (in other words, you cannot be personally identified in these profiles while advertising content is displayed during your internet browsing) to be used by our shops and our business partners with the aim of displaying online advertising campaigns targeting your interests and allowing you to benefit from offers which correspond to your consumption habits.

If you do not want to receive our targeted advertisements or those of our partners, you have several options available which allow you to disable this feature:
  • in your "My Account" area, go to the "My newsletters and alerts" section;
  • on your mobile device, activate the Limit Ad Tracking in your iOS phone settings or, on your Android phone, the setting which allows you to disable personalised advertisements.
Legal or regulatory requirements

We may be need to pass on your personal data in the event of legitimate requests by public authorities, particularly to meet requirements regarding national security, the fight against fraud or in accordance with the law.

Fraud prevention and the fright against fraud

The data collected is also used for fraud prevention and the fight against fraud, particularly with bank cards. Bon Clic Bon Genre reserves the right to check the personal data given by the client when placing an order and to adopt all the measures judged necessary to verify that the person whose account is debited is in fact the person placing the order, in order to avoid any fraudulent payments. Proof of identity or proof of address may be required for this verification.

If there is no positive response from the customer, Bon Clic Bon Genre reserves the right to cancel the order placed by the customer.

Debt collection

When the total amount of money due is not paid by the customer, it becomes outstanding debt. To this end, we may need to pass on your personal data to our debt collection service provider.

Other cases

In any other cases, you will be informed about the processing that Bon Clic Bon Genre is planning to do.


Who are the recipients of your personal data?

We ensure that only authorised persons within Bon Clic Bon Genre can access your personal data when this access is necessary for our business relationship.

Our service providers and targeted advertising providers can also be recipients of personal data that is strictly necessary for the provision of services that we will have entrusted them with (for example: delivery and return of your products to our warehouse, payment online, targeted promotional campaigns, debt collection, prevention and fight against fraud).


Where is your personal data stored?

The data is stored in accordance with French legislation and European regulation.

We may need to share personal data with other companies that is necessary for implementing services which you have acquired or subscribed to (examples: home delivery, collection point). A contract is required for operations with a service provider which receives your data in order to ensure the protection of your data and the respect of your rights.

If our service provider acts outside of the European Union, we protect the confidentiality of your personal data and your rights by using the data protection clauses recommended by the European Commission.

The period for which the data is stored follows the French Data Protection Authority's (CNIL) recommendations and/or complies with the legal obligations:

Categories of personal data Rules of active storage
Data about your client account and your loyalty programme; Behavioural segmentation data 5 years starting from the end of the relationship with the customer. The period begins either from the last order; the last log in to the customer account; the last call to customer service; an email to customer service; clicking on the hyperlink of an email sent by Bon Clic Bon Genre ; the placement of products into the shopping basket without proceeding to purchase; or finally, a positive response to an email asking if the customer would like to continue receiving commercial marketing after the 5-year period. At the end of this period, the customer data will be anonymised.
Proof of identity provided in the context of exercising the right to query, to access, to rectification or to object 1 year starting from the date of receipt by Bon Clic Bon Genre 
Bank information (bank details/IBAN) 10 years starting from the end of the business relationship with the customer.
Cookies 24 months for Google Analytics and Facebook cookies and 13 months for all other cookies starting from when they are stored on the user's device.
Purchasing data 5 years starting from the end of the relationship with the customer.
Prospects' data 5 years from the end of relationship with the prospect. The period begins either from the last log in to the prospect account; the last call to customer service; clicking on the hyperlink of an email sent by Bon Clic Bon Genre ; the placement of products into the shopping basket without proceeding to purchase; or finally, a positive response to an email asking if the prospect would like to continue receiving commercial marketing after the 5-year period. At the end of this period, the customer or prospects' data will be anonymised.

At the end of these periods, we can then archive the data, notably to meet the limitation periods of legal and tax rules and those of legal proceedings.


Cookie management

Upon visiting our website, we may need to store cookies, if you accept, on your computer, through your web browser. During the period of validity or storage, cookies enable us to identify your computer during your next visits. Bon Clic Bon Genre partners and service providers, or third-party companies, may also need to store cookies on your computer. Some cookies are essential for navigating our website, in particular for the successful running of the ordering process therefore, deleting them can cause problems. Only the transmitter of a cookie may read or modify data contained in the cookie.

Below you will find information concerning the cookies which may be stored on your computer while you are visiting Bon Clic Bon Genre web pages, as well as how you can delete/refuse to accept these cookies on your computer.

Name Purpose of cookie Agreement status
Facebook Advertising server, targeted advertising, analysis/measure, content personalisation, optimisation
Google Analytics Analysis/measure No opt-out procedure

Thanks to the settings on your web browser, you can simply and freely choose to accept or refuse the storage of cookies on your computer at any time. You can configure your web browser as you wish, so that cookies are either accepted and stored on your computer or, on the contrary, refused.

You can configure your web browser in such a way:
  • That accepting or refusing a cookie is periodically suggested to you, before the cookie is able to be stored;
  • That you can systematically refuse the storage of cookies on your computer
Warning: All configuration that you set up on your web browser with regards to accepting or refusing cookies may modify your web browsing, and certain services require the use of cookies as part of your access conditions. If you choose to refuse the storage of cookies on your computer or if you delete those which were stored, we accept no responsibility for the effects linked to the corrupted operation of our services, resulting from us not being able to store or consult the necessary cookies, that you have refused or deleted, for the operation of services.

How do you set your preferences, according to the browser you use?

Every browser has a different configuration. It is generally described in the help menu of your web browser. Therefore, we recommend that you read it so that you know how to modify your cookie preferences.

For Internet Explorer
For Safari
For Chrome
For Firefox
For Opera

Cookie management module

Bon Clic Bon Genre has made a module available for website users enabling them to object to cookies stored on the website. To do this, the user can click on the "Customise" button on the information notification stating the purpose of the stored cookies, or click on the "My Account" tab, in the "My cookies" section. The user can modify their preferences at any time via the "My cookies" section. 

Disabling via an interprofessional platform

You can also log onto the Youronlinechoices website which is offered by digital advertising professionals who are all part of the EDAA (European Digital Advertising Alliance) and which is managed in France by the Interactive Advertising Bureau France. This European platform is shared on the internet by hundreds of advertising professionals. It consists of a centralised interface enabling you to accept or refuse cookies which are likely to be used in order to adapt the advertisements that may be displayed on your device's browser:

Bon Clic Bon Genre informs the user that this procedure does not prevent advertisements being displayed on internet sites that you visit. It only blocks the technology which allows for advertisements to be adapted to your interests.

Web Beacons

Bon Clic Bon Genre uses web beacons on some of its website pages which allow it to count the number of visitors to the page. These web beacons can be used with some of our business partners, particularly in order to measure and improve the efficiency of certain advertisements. The data collected via these web beacons is anonymous and helps us to know how frequently visited certain website pages are, in order to better assist the website users.

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