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Choosing your hat according to your morphology, your face shape.

Choosing your hat according to your morphology

Through this small guide, we are aiming at giving you the necessary information to choose the hat that best fits your morphology and above all your face shape.

Some of you are dreaming of sporting the hat of their favorite singer or actor, the hat of Michael Jackson or the of Harrison Ford in Indiana Jones. Here are a few tips to stay stylish.

You're short: A large-crown hat will be ideal to extend your silhouette.
You're tall: A medium or low-crown hat will be perfect for you.
You have large ears and/or a big nose: To contrast these forms, a large-brimmed hat will be ideal to draw attention on ther details and distract other.

Choosing your hat according to the shape of your face

Square face / Angular jaw: In this case, you will need to round the angles in order to soften your face contours. Opt for large-brimmed hats with undulating and rounded curves.

Your models: Fedora, Bowler, Traveller, Trilby, Floppy, Cloche.

Avoid: Porkpie, Player.

Heart-shaped face / narrow jaw: Round-brimmed hats with short brims will be your best friends to keep the finesse of your face and not drown it under an important mass.
Your models: Players, Bowler, cloche, trilby.

Avoid: Capeline, Fedora, High Hat.

Oval thin face: If your face is of this shape, in principle, you will be able to wear all sorts of hats. What a chance! However, we advise you to make a few tests to determine your favorite hat shapes. Some will fit more than others according to the shape of your eyes, of your nose, and according to your hair.

Round face: With a round face, you'll also need to play with the contrasts. The aim being to lengthen your face in order not to stress its rounded side.
Large-brimmed hats with raised and/or asymmetrical edges will be your companions.
As for the crown of your hat, it has to be a little bit larger than your face and of a medium and high size.

Your models: Fedora, Trilby, Traveller, High Hats.

Avoid: Bowler hats, Porkpie, Capeline, Cloche.
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