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Hats Yellow

Our yellow hats, straw or cloth, will enlight your face with elegance! Perfect for sunny days, you‘ll be unable to get rid of it...
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Fedora Classic Italy
Classic Italy Fedora
Wool felt
Made in Italy
$ 35.91$ 39.90  -10% 
My Fedora B Couture
Couture My Fedora
Choice of finishes
$ 68.85$ 76.50  -10% 
Jacson Dasmarca
Dasmarca Jacson
Wool felt
Crown: 9 cm
$ 76.50
My Cloche Hat B Couture
Couture My Cloche Hat
Choice of finishes
$ 61.00
Cloche Classic Italy
Classic Italy Cloche
Made in Italy
Wool felt
$ 30.90
Classic Traveller II Classic Italy
Classic Italy Classic Traveller II
Wool felt
Made in Italy
$ 47.00
Faustina Alfonso D'Este
Alfonso D'Este Faustina
Made in Italy
Velvet made with short and dense hair
$ 162.90
Michaelo Alfonso D'Este
Alfonso D'Este Michaelo
Made in Italy
Adjustable lowerable brim
$ 91.50
Washed Bucket Kangol
Kangol Washed Bucket
100% cotton
Brim: 5 cm
$ 45.00
Knitted Floppy Kopka
Kopka Knitted Floppy
Crushable, soft hat
$ 50.40$ 56  -10% 
Grace M by Flechet
M by Flechet Grace
Supple, Foldable and Lightweight
Made in Italy
$ 28.90
Frank Ala Feltro Alfonso D'Este
Alfonso D'Este Frank Ala Feltro
Bi material
Made in Italy
$ 122.00
Sophie B Couture
Couture Sophie
Made in France
Origin of straw: Italy
$ 101.90
Curtis Bailey
Bailey Curtis
Wool felt
Made in USA
$ 100.90
Trilby Classic Italy
Classic Italy Trilby
Made in Italy
$ 26.90
Astolfo Classic Italy
Classic Italy Astolfo
Made in Italy
Wool felt
$ 35.90
Arezzo Classic Italy
Classic Italy Arezzo
Made in Italy
Wool felt
$ 40.90
Nancy Tesi
Tesi Nancy
Made in Italy
Rabbit felt
$ 122.00$ 152.50  -20% 
Leo Dasmarca
Dasmarca Leo
Wool felt
Lining: artificial silk
$ 73.50
gold wool  Move Roma
Move Roma Gold Wool
Wool felt
Handmade in Italy
$ 213.50
Hat Feather Classic Italy
Classic Italy Hat Feather
Assorted decorative feathers for hats
Colors and dimensions following model
$ 5.50
Feather duo
Feather Duo
Peacock, pheasant, duck
$ 7.50
Biarritz Classic Italy
Classic Italy Biarritz
Made in Italy
$ 29.50
Holiday Move Roma
Move Roma Holiday
Natural straw
Made in Italy
$ 127.00
Geremia Move Roma
Move Roma Geremia
Handmade in Italy
$ 122.00


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