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Héritage par Laulhère

Basque Authentique
Héritage par Laulhère

Product Code : PX4922
100% French making
100% Merino Wool
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Description Basque Authentique

100% French making
100% Merino Wool
Diameter: 28 cm
Comfort band: 100% cow leather
Lining 100% cotton

Authenticated by the Laulhère rivet

The felting process reinforces the water-repelling proprieties of the merino wool

smell free
Naturally antibacterial, the felted merino wool eliminates the sweat and doesn't retain smells

Naturally regulates temperature and humidity. Air is captured within wool fibers to create a thermal barrier

Wool fibers can fold 20,000 times without breaking and stretch 30% without alteration. The Basque beret keeps therefore its exceptional fold of fabric even after years
Made from virgin merinos' wool of renowned qualities for centuries: suppleness, waterproofness, velvet aspect and exceptional durability. Timeless headgear and good representative of the French elegance, the beret made by Héritage par Laulhère combines a traditional know-how to a touch of modernity; that makes of it a perfect trendy accessory.

Héritage par Laulhère - Basque Authentique



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