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Hats are not the only headwear back in fashion: caps have preceded with happiness! More discreet, they give an air more "sport" and rejuvenate the silhouette. Since the headgear is close to the face, it often upsets the image you made of yourself. It is not rare that you have difficulty accepting this new image.
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Many are those who think They don’t have a head for hat, but find them "class" on other people! In this respect, the caps are often an interesting alternative for all of you (and you are numerous) who do not yet dare to wear a hat (and we keep on trying to convince you: Pick-our "Hats" universe).

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Spring Summer 2024 trends
Spring Summer 2024 trends On the agenda: A vitamin-infused summer, natural shades, and a "digital garden" ambiance
Properly choose your cap according to your face shape
Properly choose your cap according to your face shape Just find the fundamentals to prevent the worst!
Different shapes of cap and French beret
Different shapes of cap and French beret Quick scan of the big family of caps.

Who’s wearing the cap ?

At Bon Clic Bon Genre, our models of caps adapt all styles, all morphologies and all desires.

The male cap

Whatever your style, you’ll surely find your happiness between our models. The men's cap will for instance come in the shape of a British, gentleman cap, or inspired from Peaky Blinders to add the final touch to an elegant outfit.

The feminine cap

The women's cap includes mostly bohemian and refined models which suit any daily outfit. Among womankind, the caps most famous caps are the newsboy cap, the ivy one and the beret.

Kids models

The children's cap is also available on our web site. Our buckets, berets and baby caps, for boy or girl, are available from 18 months to 13 years, from the size 54 cm. After all, it is not only adults who are entitled to wear headgear!

In which season can you wear this head-wear?

There are different versions of cap nowadays, whether it’s shape or style. Whether it’s the hatteras, the Irish cap, the newsboy, the duckbill or the baseball one, these model scan be worn in all seasons. It’s the component materials that determine their seasonality and that vary according to your needs along the year.

A cap for the winter
The winter cap is generally made with tweed, wool, leather or velvet. It is sometimes lined with fleece or equipped with ear-flaps for more comfort. In any case, this headgear brings you warmth and insulation on a daily basis. As far as shape is concerned, It can be a newsboy hat, a Basque beret, an Irish cap, an ivy one or a baseball cap. Choose the model that will accompany you all the winter long according to your style and your personal tastes.

A cap for the summer

The Summer cap is made of cotton or linen. It is lighter than the winter one. This is an accessory that allows you to get efficiently protected from the sun and havev a perfect airing daily. The army caps, the short-visor caps, the trucker, the ivy caps or the baseball ones can enter this category. They can be used on a summer dress or with a more classic and casual look.

What are the different styles/shapes of caps?

Our range of caps is wide, be it for styles of for shapes. Our web site offers for example ivy caps, baseball caps, army caps, newsboy caps, and others with a short peak. Here are the main variants of this headgear: 
- The baseball cap: Through a sportswear trend, the baseball cap is back in force and become an inescapale fashion piece! This headwear is coming straight from the USA and is composed of a visor and a round crown. It brings a sporty and casual look to the wearer. The advantage with this accessory is that it suits any type of face.
- The newsboy cap: The newsboy is a timeless accessory composed of 8 panels and of a visor. Through its slightly curved round shape and its short visor, the model is a must within the cap universe. Once popular, the model has today come back on the scene to become a fashion and trendy accessory in its own right.

- The american cap: The American cap has been popularized by American baseball stars. At the same time, it became a universal and trendy headgear, today available in different matters colors. It stands out from other categories by its wide visor.

- The customized cap: Because we are dedicated to bring to you entire satisfaction, we offer you the possibility to get a the custome cap, a model entirely designed in your own image. Whether it is a text to embroider, a style of a model or the finishes, it’s up to you to create the model that suits you best!

- The ivy cap: The ivy cap has the distinguishing particularity to feature a sewn visor. When it’s not sewn, the shape is a newsboy hat. The term “cap beret” is widely used to designate ivy caps. From the classic model to the most original, this unisex headgear is available on our web site in different shapes, matters and colors.

- The army cap: The military cap allows you to bring out the heavy artillery for your next look! Inspired by the uniform of the US soldier, it features a shorter peak than the baseball one as well as a less rounded shape. We often find this model in a camouflage khaki version even though more extravagant models are available for those who want to affirm their style.

- The sailor cap: The  sailor cap was widely popularized by cartoon characters such as the Captain Haddock. After enjoying a great rise in the 60s, this cap is now destined to urban sailors who want to display a legendary and modern look. Lightweight and protective, the model is ideal in the summer or during the winter. To be adopted with a tomboy look or with a trendier look for the bolder ones!

- The Irish cap: The Irish cap is a mythical model within the cap range. Consisting of 8 panels, this model traditionally made from Irish sheep wool. Sufficiently thick to protect from the cold, this headgear exists in lighter versions for the spring season. Originally worn by peasants, it evolved and now has conquered chics et modern city-dwellers.

- The vintage cap: The vintage cap is designed for those who love the retro style, offbeat and authentic at the same time. Fashion forever reinventing itself, but these vintage models persist over time and sail through the years with increasing value.

What are the colors of the caps?

As we said it, the cap range is diversified. There are many variants as far as shapes, styles, matters and printed are concerned. Colors also vary and bring a unique touch to the model. Let’s see the different options you can find on our web site to perfectly fit your style:
- The black cap: Just like the little black dress, the the black cap is a must-have of the woman and man’s wardrobe. Synonym of charm and of elegance, it can easily be associated with any styles.

- The blue cap: The blue cap is a headwear that oscilliates between turquoise, indigo, light or darker shades. Choose this model with a white outfit, a more sophisticated or sporty look to divert the usual codes. This iconic color affirms your personality and easily matches other colors.

- The red cap: A red cap is a wonderful idea to give a real touch of pep to your wardrobe! Play it like a Formula 1 driver or sexy and feminine with the red cap of your choice.

- The gray cap: The gray cap is chic and discreet at the same time. Our berets and Irish caps in this tone will quickly seduce you and keep their fashion appeal through the years without wrinkling!

- The yellow cap: The yellow cap is designed for those who don’t want to go unoticed. From the bright yellow to the pastel, our range of caps in this color will add light to your traits. You’ll have the possibility to definitely make the difference and affirm your joie de vivre at the same time.

- The green cap: Do you want to put more freshness to your wardrobe? Why not opt for the green cap? From the flashy green to the khaki or the water green, you’ll surely find your happiness in our collections of models.

- The brown cap: The brown cap refers to a warm color ranging from the beige to the greedy chocolate brown gourmand and the camel. This color is today no longer destined only to the autumnal season; in fact it fits all the rest of the year. It also evokes a retro and welcoming universe, specific to Bon Clic Bon Genre.

What matters for a cap?

Jus like for hats, there are different possibilities of matters for caps. In the spring season, many cloth caps made of linen for example, lighter and breathable flourish. During the winter, we’re choosing a more covering model, soft and warm and made of wool, tweed or velvet. Some matters are timeless. That’s the case of the leather. Chic and vintage at the same time, the leather cap is part of the models that are never out of fashion and which robust and waterproof qualities are appreciated daily. This cap matches a trendy look as well as a more casual one.

How to maintain my cap?

The cap has the advantage of requiring less attention than a hat as for the maintenance. However, some daily gestures are recommended to extend to the maximum the lifetime of this headwear.

How to clean a cap?

Generally, the terre de sommière is efficient for cleaning your cap. Applied on a dry substrate, it eliminates greasy and breathing stains. In order to get rid of spots on a linen cap, you can also use water vapor dry cleaners. As far as the leather cap is concerned, products specific to that matter are needed for an optimum care. 

How to reform and store your cap?

Has your cap lost its original shape? You can easily reform it by using water vapor or by simply stuffing it with tissue. As for storing your cap, we advice you to put into a closet, on a shelf or hung on a hat stand. You can also carefully put it inside a falt-cap box. In any case, prefer a cool and dry place.

In order to become unbeatable in the universe cap, we advice you check out our article dedicated to the different shapes of ivy caps and berets.

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