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Me? A hat head?


After decades of neglect, hat is in fashion again! And everybody has the right to wear one. However, many do not dare go for it. Is it too gaudy? Too elegant? Beautiful but for others?
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Of course not! We must here destroy the myth : There is no "hat head". It exist as many hats as faces in the world. Therefore, there must be at least one hat which is made for you...

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Spring Summer 2024 trends
Spring Summer 2024 trends On the agenda: A vitamin-infused summer, natural shades, and a "digital garden" ambiance
Choosing your hat according to your morphology, your face shape.
Choosing your hat according to your morphology, your face shape. Choosing the appropriate model is not easy. Here are a few tips to become an expert of the matter!
All about Hat shapes
All about Hat shapes Trilby, Fedora, Porkpie... Know everything about the different hats
The best 5 reasons to wear hat
The best 5 reasons to wear hat From the boater hat to the linen cap, the usage of the headgear is almost as old as the world itself. Discover all the reasons for which you need to wear one.

Your online hat shop

Specialist of male and female hat Bon Clic Bon Genre selects for you the latest trends and innovations for hats and caps. Discover now our collection of various styles, which will adapt without any problems everybody’s wardrobe. The hat then becomes the perfect way to affirm your identity. The headgear trend is back in fashion for our greatest pleasure! 

Millinery or the art of making hats

Millineries in France are increasingly scarce. It is now difficult to find a hat shop in every city of the country, and with a varied collection of quality. The service goes along with advisors specialized in the field and ready to guide you towards the desired model. At Bon Clic Bon Genre, we have at heart to meet all of these missions.

Our web site includes a wide range of headgears from big brands in the hat industry (Stetson, Bailey, Kangol, Alfonso d'Este) and from our collections (B Couture and Marky). Any doubt in measuring your head circumference? Check out The ultimate guide of the hat and find out quickly the size that suits you! A pressing issue? Contact us by email via our customer service or via social media. Our team will be happy to answer your questions. We deliver in France and abroad. Do not hesitate either to check out our blog and advices in order to know the latest trends regarding millinery and fashion, but also the tips for caring your headwears and keep them long years. Thanks to our tips, tricks and descriptions, millinery will soon have no secrets for you!

A wide range for the whole family

At Bon Clic Bon Genre, we don’t forget anyone! These gentlemen will find their happiness within our range of men hats and why not a trilby for the winter and a traveller hat for the beautiful days. Ladies will find gems under our tab dedicated to women hats with a floppy or a fedora.
We own a varied range which adapts everybody’s silhouette, character and dress style. From te top hat to the bucket including the beanie and the panama, there is one for everyone’s taste, any occasions and for all prices. When choosing this accessory, nothing should be left to chance. Finally, kids are not left behind since we are offering some models in small sizes in order to protect the whole family with quality and style.

Models that adapt the seasons

We are selling hat models for all the whole year, whether it’s snowing, raining or whether the sun is full! Indeed, matters adapt temperatures and weather conditions. Straw, linen cotton are the recommended materials for the spring-summer season while felt and wool are mostly used during the winter. In January, opt for a covering wool felt winter hats to get protect from the cold. In April, do not even uncover yourself thanks to a cowboy hat Stetson.
In July, temperatures rise, so just choose breathable and lightweight summer hats like the Straw hat. The cotton bucket hat has the advantage of being easily storable into the suitcase. In September, we put the swimsuits in the closet and opt for a fedora hat to accompany a classic and sumptuous little black dress. Some models like the leather hat can be pleasant headgears to be worn during mid-season.

For those who prefer caps berets and beanies, the latter are also available on our web site. The first adapts all seasons while the second is more recommended for a winter use.

The hat, that fashion accessory that takes differents shapes

Let us help you see more clearly as for the different shapes of hats.

- The Trilby has a raised brim at the rear and lowered at the back. Certain models are shape memory or water-repellent. Made of straw, leather or felt, it adapts all seasons. 

- The Fedora is one of the inescapable models of the profession for men and women. It is nowadays a wide-brimmed fashion accessory. Made of black wool felt, rabbit felt or straw for the summer version, this model has its brim raising towards the back.  

- The Traveller is our adventurous model. Adapted to all weather conditions, it will be able to accompany you stylishly in any expeditions. It is ideal for round-shaped faces since it tends to lengthen the traits. 

- The Porkpie has a low and flat crown as well as short and turned up. It can be worn straight or tilted on the back of the head. 

- The Player has a small brim which can be turned up or left as such to adapt your mood. This chameleon of millinery can be made with wool felt, straw, cotton or leather to protect you, whatever the time of the year.

- The Bowler is the ancestor of the riding hat. Originally designed to protect the horserider’s head from tree branches, it later became a fashion accessory for the gentleman in a 3-piece suit. Today, women have also adopted this retro-chic hat with rounded lines. 

- The Cloche hat has been widely popularized among ladies in the 20s. Recognizable thanks to its not hollowed round crown and to its rather wide brim, this headwear is an accessory as retro as can be. It adorns itself with felt in the winter and with straw during the summer.

- The Panama hat designates all handwoven models with palm straw of grand quality. The thinner the straw, the higher the quality of the model. True reference in the headgear world, this hat is perfectly unisex. Visually, a panama is recognized through the shape of the rose at its top.

- The Floppy is the very symbol of femininity. Worn on a fluid dress, this round-shaped hat is definitely chic. Wit hits large brim, it efficiently protects you from the sun during the summer. Black or beige, of straw or felt, this fashion accessory is a crush carrier.

- The Boater is the very emblem of the French festival hat. True heritage object, the latter has a flat brim and crown. Made famous iconic French celebrities such as Gabrielle Chanel or Fred Astaire, this accessory knew how to cross eras and centuries without a wrinkle.

- The cow boy is immediately recognizable by its shape and authentic design. Timeless and charismatic, the model is particularly designed for outdoor activities.

The history of the hat

From its apparition in the 19th century

In French, the word "chapeau" (French for "hat") comes from "Chapel", a medieval world that designates, according to the 1694 dictionary, a wraith of flowers that was worn by priests during certain holidays processions. Since its creation, the hat has two principal functions: protection et esthetics. However, it also illustrates different uses. From the protective accessory against the cold and the sun to a social class witness and to the integral part of a professional attire (kepi, sailor cap, army cap) or the fashion item, it comes in different shapes and styles.

The hat as protection and social marker

Hats were first seen during antiquity
with the famous Phrygian cap which use was only for men. In the 13th century, male models were made with felt. Women could wear this accessory if for hunting. In the 18th century, the "shepherdess" hat is used by women on walks. During the 19th century, female hats developed and became increasingly creative and original. It also reveals itself to be the symbol of the social class of the wearer. At the same time, the male hat became more classic. Going out bareheaded was considered a lack of education. 

From the 20th century till now

Following the liberation of women in the beginning of the 20th century, the latter became more and more active, the hat is put aside, just like the girdle. It then only was used to get protected from the bad weather or for ceremonies. The 20s mark the arrival of one of the greatest fashion designers, Gabrielle Chanel, also known as Coco Chanel. The latter began her career as a milliner in the fashion industry with chic, discreet, sophisticated and minimalistic hats.

Gabrielle Chanel, a milliner of modern times

Before the Second World War, milliner’s activity is booming with big names in the sector such as Caroline Reboux, the sisters Legroux and Lewis. Hats are then voluminous, decorated with ribbons, feathers or flowers and it was tasteful having a custom made model. The Second World War and the absence of raw materials forced hat designers to compete with ingenuity. From that pivotal period, original models came to birth, made with the help of newsprint or chips.

After the war, the millinery industry runs again little by little and seeks some refinement in the shapes and choice of materials. The famous couturier Christian Dior uses for instance several meters of fabric to make a single hat. This accessory is from now on worn by all the classes in society, men, women and kids.

From the hat industry shutdown to the renaissance of millinery

The period between 1960 and 1990 is cloudy for the industry. The hat is abandoned has become bulky, even useful. It has just become a ceremonial accessory or an artist’s fancy. The sector of millinery then suffered factories and milliners’ workshops close one after the other. Only worn during weddings and baptisms, it was not until the 90s so that headwears (hats and caps combined) regain rank.

Updated by the biggest fashion designers and celebrities, this accessory has today become again inescapable within the dressing room, a timeless and unique luxury hat. Little by little, he again becomes what it is and what it has always been, the final touch of an outfit, the affirmation of a style, the touch of elegance or the essential element which will sublimate your look.

You’ve chosen your future headwear, and you want to keep it as long as possible? We recommend you to check out our article about headgear maintenance in order to take the greatest care of it.

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